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Evansville Factory Fire

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Evansville firefighters found heavy fire through the roof of this unoccupied former manufacturing factory building. First due Captain declared a defensive operation and began setting up aerials and master stream devices surrounding the structure. The responding Chief requested a second alarm response.

Accepting Change

Change Is So Hard For People? It can be broken down into two areas: to want, or not to want, and often depends on where our attention is most focused. Most of the time we don’t want what we have. We don’t want our bosses breathing down our neck, hassles from other firefighters. There are […]

Basic Training is Over

We’re here to train hard, basic training is over. You should have graduated from basic training with a core set of skills that will require a considerable effort to keep improving. And what we need are firefighters that are able to rely more on their ability to problem solve and think. Most of our training is […]

Reduce Cancer Risk

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Whose Photo Do You Carry?

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The continuing high levels of duty-related firefighter injuries and deaths are unacceptable. This problem needs to be addressed through a multi-faceted approach.

Rethinking How We Make Decisions

From the time we begin this profession, we’ve been told “real firefighters fight the fire from the interior of the structure”.

Have You Checked the Time?

Time is the only commodity we deal with which cannot be counterfeited, stolen, or placed in inventory.

Think You’re Ready, Superstar?

Many times we believe training is not necessary because we believe we are good enough to overcome whatever challenges we are confronted with.

Discipline Makes the Champion

There has never been an undisciplined person who was a champion. Regardless of the field of endeavor, you’ll find this always to be true.

Don’t Hope for a “Walk,” Make a Difference

The fire service today needs risk takers, leaders who have the courage and willing to push the envelope, to say the unpopular, to nudge the fire service down the path that might be uncomfortable but might be the right path to go.

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