The Importance of Training to be a Good Firefighter

You must possess discipline, self-respect, pride in the department, pride in yourself, a sense of duty and obligation and the physical ability to perform.

The mission of the training division is to develop firefighters who achieve results on the fire ground by making the right decisions and completing skills and maneuvers proficiently and consistently. Learning by experience, alone, is a slow process that can never lead to a broad subject of knowledge. One individual experiences may give an individual inadequate ability to perform, it certainly will never give an insight into the wide range of possibilities that are likely to be encountered during an emergency incident.

The function of a training program to be effective, must about the self-confidence in the individual to perform under stressful and hostile conditions. The training program must be systematic. It must be comprehensive. It must provide feedback to the trainee. It must be geared to achieve results.

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