Complacency Kills Firefighters

Been here done that, not a problem, I know my job.

Lackadaisical attitude about the problem creates a dangerous mindset. Making decisions with inadequate information and preparation about the building, size of the fire resources, water supply, the size and location of the fire and many other factors contribute to a lackadaisical attitude.

Preparation, planning, response and recovery are critical factors in our business.

We spend so much of our time concentrating on the response versus the planning and preparation.

I can see the difference when I walk into a fire station. I look at the firefighters, look at their trucks, their Engine, the way they have their gear laid out, whether or not they plan their response, whether or not they are prepared and finally not necessarily last have they been trained properly?

The challenge we have to overcome complacency is to take every response seriously as if it will put your life on the line and you prepared and planned for such an event.

In my opinion many of our firefighters today are not prepared for that life changing event they’ve read it. they’ve seen it, but their attitude is it won’t happen to me.

For various reasons they have this attitude. I’m smarter than the other guys that got hurt. I’m better than the other guys that got hurt. My partner will protect me. My captain is so good he’ll see that type of event and protect me. In reality you must protect yourself first and then your brothers and sisters.

Treat every response as if it will threaten your life.

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