Envisioning Success

Just as important as establishing a realistic set of goals is envisioning success. If a person cannot envision being a winner, he never will. As a whole, most people find it less stressful to “not lose” than to win. To most people, losing is easier than winning. Winning is a complex process that involves preparation, training, dedication and goals, a formula that often is beyond the capacity of many. Those who have the ability to envision themselves as winners become just that with preparation and dedication.

Today, the fire service more than ever needs national leaders with clearly defined goals and the vision to implement those goals.

In your local community and your local fire department we need leaders with the courage to stand up for their convictions while at the same accepting that change is necessary.

Great leadership requires effort–lots of effort. And much of that effort revolves around learning: about your people, your operations, the fire service outside your world, and yourself. Be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge about everything–and everyone.

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