Basic Training is Over

We’re here to train hard, basic training is over. You should have graduated from basic training with a core set of skills that will require a considerable effort to keep improving. And what we need are firefighters that are able to rely more on their ability to problem solve and think. Most of our training is about checklist training. We train to meet certain objectives. We check the box to show that the skill was demonstrated correctly. Do we train the firefighter what to do when the skill is not able to be completed in sequential order? What does the firefighter do when things don’t go according to plan? What happens if they are in a vulnerable and unpredictable situation? Will they be able to reason through the challenge without much thought. My challenge to instructors is to create problems in training that are potential real world situations to teach the firefighter how to think through the problem?

“The time to learn is not when you have to do it for real” – Brooks Yon – Petersburg, IN Volunteer Fire Department.

Our training should create problems that require our firefighters to think in order to resolve the problem before it injures or kills them.

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