Don’t Hope for a “Walk,” Make a Difference

One of America’s top motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar stated,  “Easily, the most puzzling incident in the sports world occurs in baseball when the batter steps up to the plate and lets the pitcher throw three strikes without taking a single cut at the ball. He has three opportunities and he never moves the bat from his shoulder. He ‘saw’ himself striking out. He left his bat on his shoulder hoping for a ‘walk’ – a free ride to first base.” He went on to say that, “Even more disappointing is to see a person in the fire service step up to the plate and never take a cut at the ball. He/she is the biggest failure of all because they don’t try.”

If you try and lose, you learn from losing which greatly reduces the loss!

The fire service today needs risk takers, leaders who have the courage and willing to push the envelope, to say the unpopular, to nudge the fire service down the path that might be uncomfortable but might be the right path to go.

Leaders are needed every level in the fire service from the station to the company to the battalion to the district to the community to the Fire Chief. Will you be one of those leaders? The road to leadership is filled with potholes and rough surfaces. The ability to influence is one of the most critical skills of a leader. Take the challenge. Make a difference. Push your firefighters your company your department to accept the challenge of do it different.

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